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Ecosphere,a vibrant global ecosystem for information and value


A Highly World New Ecosystem Token Qura global Ecosphere, a vibrant global ecosystem for information and value exchange to gain maximum benefit for all the key participants in the blockchain industry.We present four key platforms to facilitate high-quality interactions between user- to-user and


QURA GLOBAL advent of secure public blockchains through
has brought forth a notable degree of interest and capital influx, providing the premise for a global wave of permissionless innovation. Despite lofty promises, creating a decentralized, secure and scalable public blockchain has proved to be a strenuous task. In this QURA GLOBAL Ecosphere, a vibrant global ecosystem for information and value exchange to gain maximum benefit for all the key participants in the blockchain industry. We present four key platforms to facilitate high-quality interactions between user- to-user and user-to-blockchain related assets, which are shown below:The frst platform is the QURA Information Terminal, a news and analysis outlet which delivers users time-sensentive and accurate information feeds along with comprehensive analysis of the blockchain industry and the cryptocurrency market, allowing the users to have a better grasp of the blockchain industry as a whole and make better investment decision accordingly. The second platform is the Qura Asset Management Platform (CAMP), a regulatory compliant asset management platform that connects professional investment teams to legal sources of stable funding. It also provides potentialinvestment channels for individual investors. A wide range of investment strategies are available, along with assistance in portfolio management, for investors to gain a high return on investment.


QURA provides an incomparable user experience. It has gathered masses of people interested in blockchain technology to form vibrant communities that adhere to a user-centric philosophy, share useful knowledge with members, and help them make wise investment decisions. It has proven to be an expeditious method to boost customer awareness and has fostered growth
in the community. As of now, the QURA community consortium alone, has a coverage of millions of members.


Qura recognizes that for any blockchain ecosystem to be successful, the user within the ecosystem is of the highest importance. User-centricity is our key value and since the start, we have given top priority to the establishment of communities and poured considerable resources and time in community management for a vibrant ecosystem. QURA GLOBAL Community (CGC),is the platform connecting all user within the ecosystem, both online and offine. CGC is a vibrant community with rapid growth and exchanges news, technology, information, and value within the Qura ecosystem. It’s a place to learn state-of-the-art blockchain technologies, interact with fellow peersthrough organize events, technology trainings, and social media groups.It allows new blockchain projects to attract talent, for experts to find a good project to work on, and early investors to fnd good blockchain projects to fund early. Everyone within QURA will be encouraged and incentivized to participate and contribute. QURA platform will be the place to meet and connect with all the blockchain participants. For experts and QURA businesses,you will have the broadest audience here at CBC. All user are encourage to join to unlock the power blockchain technology, leverage valuable new relationshipsand channels,business and strategic guidance, technical mentorship and resources, marketing support and a range of go-to-market opportunities.


Qura’s global autonomous group are self-governing from the bottom to the top. Everyone  is a participant and contributor who stands a chance to become a value-creating Super Node and devote themselves to the Qura ecosystem.We categorize communities by  either location or function. Administrators, selected according to the open voting  mechanism, are only given general guidelines and have the freedom todetermine the path  to bolster the activity of communities.


The QURA GLOBAL market has seen rapid growth in recent years and thereare indications that the growth will continue as the number of participants and businesses increases along with the rapid progression of the underlying blockchain technology. The ability to trade long and short allows profit opportunities regardless of market direction. Compared to traditional financial markets, it is difficult for investors to yield profit in the cryptocurrency market due to the following aspects:Asymmetric information foe, as trading activities are largely influenced by media and retail sentiments (and hypes); Lack of regulations expose personal investors to more risks and potential losses; 24/7 trading across a growing number of global exchanges, with users from different time zones unable to seize investment opportunities around the clock; High volatility, accompanied by an epidemic of weak risk assessment; Underdeveloped trading mechanisms. With the tightening regulation and the bursting bubbles, individual and institutional investors, looking to profit from the upcoming blockchain revolution across all sectors, need proper guidelines and assistance into cryptocurrency investments. Based on our ongoing analysis of user behavior, we have reached the conclusion that it is vital for users to have access to instant information and investment assistance tools to earn a higher ROI. With our industry-leading CIT platform, our investors already have the most comprehensive and up-to-date understanding of the cryptocurrency world and can make the best decisions accordingly; The Qura Token (QUT) Platform (CAMP), being one major component of the Qura ecosystem, is dedicated to setting up a compliant and open asset management platform to provide potential investment channels to connect professional and personal users. Under the guidance of the Qura Foundation, CAMP has assembled an in
house task force, equipped with veteran experts from financial and Internet sectors. Aside from our own team, CAMP is undergoing an industry-wide search for leading research and investment teams and plans to continue to build relationships well into the future for potential collaborations. With
our ecosystem size and connections within the blockchain industry, we are also forming strategic partnerships with top exchanges to negotiate lower transaction fees for our own Qura customers to honor our user-centricity value in the Qura ecosystem. Having strong relationships with some of the
most promising entrepreneurs and other top investors in the space, Is QURA.




Learn more about QURA GLOBAL, chat with the team, others in the community, and have your say in shaping the future of decentralized finance.